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How To Change a Transaction Number
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    How To Change a Transaction Number

    by COBS Tech Support » Tue Apr 05, 2016 10:20 am

    NOTE: This information applies to Release iX or earlier. For Release X consult this link: http://capitaloffice.com.au/forum/viewt ... =1912#1912

    If you are able to change the transaction number when opening a transaction (the transaction number is not 'grey') then follow these steps exactly:

    1. Open the transaction (i.e., credit notes)
    2. Change the number to the number you want, i.e., C9662
    3. Press <tab> key to move off the number
    4. Close the transaction

    Note: Step 4 is very information. You must leave the transaction after changing the number otherwise on the next transaction the transaction will revert to the previous number.

    If you cannot or are not permitted to change the number 'on the fly', do this:

    1. Close all running copies of CAPITAL
    2. Close and restart the software
    3. From the menu select Company|Administration|Customize
    4. From the menu select Install Settings|Invoicing|Types & Number Sequences
    5. Click on Transaction Sequences button
    6. Select your Credit Note, press Edit
    7. Change the credit note number as required
    8. Press Save and Save Again
    7. Press Save one last time (top right corner)
    8. Now close and restart the software

    Note: You must be the first person to restart the software for the changes to take affect.
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