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Set-up Merge Freight Into Transfers (8.2 & Above)
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    Set-up Merge Freight Into Transfers (8.2 & Above)

    by COBS Tech Support » Thu May 17, 2012 8:09 am

    Configuration Setup

    1. Click on "Maintenance" (bottom left corner of app window)
    2. Click on Customise icon.
    3. From the menu select Install Settings|Stock Control
    4. Under the Transfers group tick Merge Freight Cost Into CIS
    5. Press Save button (top right corner)
    6. Close all running copies of CAPITAL on your network and restart your software.

    Note: Changes do not take effect until the software is restarted with all users logged out.

    General Ledger Setup

    1. Open General Ledger area.
    2. Open General Ledger Sets (from menu: Manage|General Ledger Sets)
    3. Edit each applicable set.
    4. Scroll down to the bottom of the list.
    5. Locate Transfer Freight.

    To this entry assign a general ledger code that will act as your transfer freight clearing account. This may need to be set-up as a new account in your general ledger.

    The amounts consolidated against this account will be offset in the general ledger against actual freight charges which will be received separately from freight and cartage companies.

    How To Assign Freight On A Transfer

    1. Create a stock transfer as per normal.
    2. Before saving the transfer, click on the Charges/Settings tab at the top.
    3. Enter the freight amount to merge into the Freight field.[/b]
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