Capital 7.4 Builtin Reports
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    Capital 7.4 Builtin Reports

    by digicate » Thu Mar 23, 2006 9:40 am

    The new format for the In-built reports is great!

    Very nice looking with (I assume) True-type windows fonts instead of the old style reports that had DOS-Style fixed width fonts.

    However, we have an issue with fields over-printing each other.

    Eg, say a report has columns with Customer Account Code and Customer Name.

    The second field overprints on the end of the first field (imagine these two fields are on the same line):


    I am not a windows printing/font guru, but I understand that Windows provides some metric information for each font, eg kerning, leading, inter-character gap, character width that allow the developer to calculate the width of a given string in twips/pics/inches etc. Is it possible that this information is dependant on the print driver being used? All of our printers are HP Laserjets (4000/4050) using PostScript drivers.

    A workaround for some reports is to print them landscape rather than portrait, this gives each column more room and allows them to print without overlapping of the fields. We have had two users report this issue in our office, one we could fix with the landscape option, the other report printed landscape, but the columns of the report were still formatted to portrait.

    I was just wondering if it was possible to fix this in a future version of Capital/Visual Builder. Another possibility is that the current metrics are based on a PCL format. I am reluctant to switch our drivers to PCL as we had problems with that situation in the past. However, if you are using PCL drivers in testing that I would be willing to consider switching.

    If you need samples, we could fax some to you directly.

    Kim Groves
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    by COBS Tech Support » Fri Mar 24, 2006 3:08 pm

    Sites that have entered their business data in all uppercase have experienced problems on some reports with some columns being tightly packed together.

    We are addressing the issues that have been reported to us in the following ways:

    1. Allow those users who have all their data in upper case to return fixed width fonts. (User configurable.)

    2. Force some column information to be reformatted automatically in 'proper case' (lower case with word capitalisation) so that the reports continue to be readable. (This option is also user configurable and can be turned off if not wanted or needed.)

    3. Increase column widths where there is space to do so to allow for certain worst-case scenarios.

    While it may appear that there is plenty of room to widen columns using a particular font such as Arial, this may not be the case if another font is used. For this reason we have an internal limit on column widths to ensure that we are not locked into only one report font in the future.

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