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    by Danny » Mon Sep 16, 2013 5:02 pm

    This is what we do now:

    We manufacture individual meals, for example Number 001 is Beef Casserole. Each meal has a barcode printed on the lid, of course its always the same barcode to be scanned in the shops at point of sale.
    Each meal has also a use by date in form of 11/10/2012 but we could print it also in a barcode form so that each batch could be identified.
    Then we have also carton deals with 12 of the same meal in a carton and the carton is labeled with a DUN bar code at the moment.

    Office takes orders by phone and e-mail and generates picklists

    Picklists are send to the warehouse where 1 person is picking the meals, typically 12 different meals per order and around 80 orders per day, they get put in to a box
    a second person is double checking these meals to minimise faults as otherwise to many mistakes are happening.
    The second person is ticking of the meals packed on the picklist and records the use by dates from the meals on to the picklist to retain records.
    The picklist is then sent back to the office and invoices are generated/released for completed picklists.
    In case of recall we have to go through the picklists to manually search the product in question.

    Is that what we would do?

    We print a second barcode on each product. That barcode represents the item and use by date. So we scan this barcode internaly in our warehouse.
    Of course we would allocate a different barcode for every batch and record that number when we internally deliver the meals into our stock in capital

    Also we put 12 meals into a carton with a DUN barcode identifiyng 12 of the same meal. Do we do the same procedure there.

    Or can you see a better way?

    What we don’t want to do is select from different use by date when taking orders as it is slow and sometimes we use newer stock for certain customers.
    So the use by date or batch number has to be choosen and recorded by the picking staff

    We just want the system to pick up and record the use by date for when we need to know where we send the product (Recall)
    And to eliminate picking errors and speed up the process.
  • COBS Tech Support
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    by COBS Tech Support » Mon Sep 16, 2013 5:04 pm

    Based on your description I would take this approach:

    1. Set-up a barcode that contains the item code and use-by date within it, so both pieces of data can be captured and tracked in one swipe.

    2. The warehousing software would automatically mark the item as ready for release in the Back Order Control Centre as soon as it was scanned. There would be no need to manually mark items off paper pick-lists.

    3. Allow easy look-up of scanned items based on customer, order and use buy date.

    4. Because the item must be found on the order and the quantities have to also match, the warehousing software won't let the order go through if the wrong item have been scanned or items are missing.

    Issues I see:

    Locating scanning and computer equipment able to reliably deal with the cold temperatures.

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