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Allocation quantities on partial ships go to zero

Posted: Fri Sep 22, 2006 7:48 pm
by Martin
When I do a partial allocation and release of goods from the Back Order Control Centre, whatever I did not release remains allocated. If my customer ordered 5 units and I allocate him 5 units and I ship him 4, after I make an invoice for 4 units, I am left with 1 allocated.

When I release goods and produce invoices from the warehouse manager involving partial ships, I get zero allocated. Is this a problem/bug in the software?

Posted: Fri Sep 22, 2006 7:50 pm
by COBS Tech Support

Keep in mind these basic definitions when working with CAPITAL:

Qty = quantity the customer has ordered
Allocated = the quantity you have reserved or allocated for that customer.

(Hopefully this will be the quantity you will pick for the customer, assuming you have enough stock available.)

Picked = The quantity your warehouse staff have actually picked.

The allocated quantity tells the warehouse to go pick that quantity. If a warehouse operator decides to do a partial ship, presumably because the full quantity ordered is not available for picking and packing, then the "suggested pick quantity" (Allocated) needs to be set to zero, otherwise the warehouse operator will be asked to pick the remainder of the same order again.

For example, if the operator is asked to pick and pack 5 units, and only 4 are in good condition, and these are packed and shipped, the Allocation quantity must to reset to zero once he has finished with that transaction.

If the Allocated quantity is left with a 1 remainder, then the operator will be presented with the same order number to pick again, with a unit of 1 to pick. There is no point looking at the same transaction again, since the warehouse operator has already established that the item for that transaction is not available.