CAPITAL Slow loading but only on network
  • Glenn Desertine
    CAPITAL Slow loading but only on network

    by Glenn Desertine » Thu Dec 22, 2005 2:43 pm

    I'm having a problem with Capital that I hope you can help us with. Capital takes 1-2 minutes to load depending on the workstation (in DOS or Windows version). Numerous repairs and clean databases for Capital and GL have been done since then but no improvement. Note: we always do clean/repair from theWindows version not the DOS and always do a GL clean/repair straight after as well as the normal Capital repair/clean. When I saw the problem I thought it might be that the contents file was getting to large we exported invoices and sales orders, as we usually do once a year, but this had no effect either. This export process also involved cleaning the databases etc. It is a real mystery because it seemed like a simple indexing problem that a repair would fix. Has work on the GL got something to do with it to be connected somehow (or could it be a coincidence). Hoping you can help with this as I am concerned that it could get worse and that there is some data corruption.

    Many thanks
  • COBS Tech Support
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    by COBS Tech Support » Thu Dec 22, 2005 3:07 pm

    If we assume you have done a full database maintenance on your GL Controller (General Ledger) and CAPITAL Office files, then, these are the sorts of network issues that might cause problems:

    * If you use virus scanner software such as Norton AntiVirus on your server or local PC's, check to see if it is set to scan all files, regardless of file type. If it is, this will slow down your business system considerably, because every time CAPITAL opens and reads a database, the virus scanner rescans the file. Change your virus scanner settings to exclude DBF and CDX files or preferably all files in your CAPITAL company folder. Viruses cannot be active or propagate from inside CAPITAL database files and so do not pose a threat to your network. A quick test can be done by temporarily shutting down the antivirus software to see if network transmission speeds improve.

    * Network speed problems can also be caused by hardware issues such as loose cables, faulty wiring, bad network adapter cards, network cards that are incompatible with the operating system, etc. You may have a hard drive that is starting to fail intermittently, in which case performance problems may show up under certain circumstances until complete failure occurs.

    * Network speed problems, particularly those related to opening files, can also be caused by problems with software drivers, and other applications that may be running on your server. There could be bug fixes or patches available to solve such problems. It's always worth checking that you are running the latest maintenance updates of these software components.

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