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    ODBC Connector

    by John Dirkas » Thu Sep 08, 2005 1:51 am

    Just some knowledge sharing here (though ALL of you may have already known this!).

    I have been working with setting up web views of Capital SOH using ASP pages.

    It is a corporate\fortress installation of Capital, so I am using the advantage ODBC driver.

    I could not get the pages to work due to a table type error.

    After a couple of days of searching the internet, I finally got the answer from an advantage newsgroup (not a lot out there on this subject...no one but me appears to have had the problem...or has publicly declared it).

    Be careful when defining your ODBC connector to change the table type from 'Advantage' to 'FoxPro'. I just assumed that when I 1st created the ODBC that since I was using an Advantage ODBC driver that the table type should be 'Advantage' as well...sometimes we learn the hard way I guess.
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    by admin » Thu Sep 08, 2005 1:52 am

    Advantage Database Server supports two table formats: ADT (propriety) and DBF. The ADT format is the later format and more flexible than the DBF format, so ADS selects this by default unless you specify otherwise. The ADT format is unfortunately not very cross-compatible with the Enterprise version of CAPITAL and there is less native support for it out there in the software world, so we continue to use 'good old tried and true' DBF for that reason.

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